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Hot off the press

Fall Fly-in November 5, 2022

Plans are set for our 2022 Fall Fly-in. We will again be offering Young Eagle flights, Chicken Bog, and camaraderie. This year we're also offering $50 of Gas for the pilot traveling the furthest to visit

Please bring your a friend, neighbor or co-worker to help make this a great year for local area aviation.

Fly in, drive in, or ride in; all are welcome.

Jesse (1167 Secretary)

Conway Airport information for the fly-in:

Please monitor Unicom 122.7 (if you have a radio) as we will have advisories on that channel.

Note the right traffic on runway 04 and left traffic on runway 22. This puts the pattern always on the southeast side of the airport.

Suggested pattern altitude: 1000 AGL for General Aviation and 500 foot for Ultralights.

Reminder: Conway’s runway is outside of MYR’s Class C airspace but it is fairly close to the outer ring so we offer the following information: If you are outside of MYR’s inner ring but inside their outer ring your altitude should be under 1200 feet or above 4000 feet in order to stay out of the Class C airspace.  Anyone inside of MYR’s inner ring and under 4000 feet must have a mode C transponder, radio, and be communicating with ATC – ultralight’s should avoid that inner ring area of course!

Other sources of information for Conway Airport:



Another sectional:

AirNav :

SC Info:


News Archive


Older Info Left for Historical Reasons:

Hangar Meeting: Sept 1st

The next Hangar Meeting will be at Shallotte, NC on Sept 1st. Please arrive at 10 a.m. and we'll leave about 12 noon or so.

The project this month is a Titan T-51 Mustang which is a three-quarter scale replica of the P-51 Mustang. The T-51 is a two-seat homebuilt aircraft with dual controls and tandem seats and has remarkable performance given the small size of the engine. T-51 kits are fabricated by Titan Aircraft Company at South Austinburg, Ohio. The aircraft has a wide range of handling abilities, from a stall speed of only 39 mph to high performance up to 197 mph and agility afforded by a +6g / -4g load limit capability. See Wikipedia for more info.

The address was sent to everyone on our e-mail list. If you didn't get that message please contact one of the two people below. We are not publishing it here for security reasons.

Here is a map to the general location.

Please note that this event is open to everyone even if you are not currently a member of our Chapter. Come on out and have some fun!

Please call Wayne Robinson @ 843-450-3654 or Duane Drisco @ 843-450-5423 for more info.

Cookout and Eagle Flights: Oct 20th

Our Chapter will be co-sponsoring a cookout at Conway Airport on Oct 20th (time to be announced). In conjunction, area pilots will be offering Young Eagle Flights starting one hour before and going one hour after the cookout. For more information, please call Wayne Robinson @ 843-450-3654 or Doug Floyd @ 912-341-3079.

Hardee Airpark Breakfast Club: April 15th

Please see this map for driving directions to the airpark.

Green Sea Breakfast Club: May 20th

Please see this map for driving directions to the airfield.

2012 Conway Spring Fly-in information:

Please see the Conway Fly-in website for more information.

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We have moved our meeting location:

EAA Chapter 1167 has moved our monthly meeting location from Green Sea to Conway Airport. Come join in the fun each month, 3rd Saturday at 10 a.m., FBO building at Conway Airport, HYW.


Green Sea Fall Fly-in, November 6, 2010:

Green Sea Annual Fall

Download and/or print the fly-in flyer.

Our Annual Fall fly-in will be held again this year on the first Saturday in November which happens to be November 6th this year.

There are usually 40 or more aircraft of all types including ultralight, light sport, and general aviation.

We'll have BBQ plates for a small donation, airplanes, and great company - don't miss this one!

See our gallery for lots of great pictures from past events.

Whether you're driving or flying in, see this page for directions to the airport.

Download and/or print the fly-in flyer.

Breakfast Club Fly-in

EAA Chapter 1167 was to host the South Carolina Breakfast Club Fly-in on Sunday, April 25, 2010 but the weather was terrible that day and the function was cancelled. We'll try again next year.

EAA Chapter 1167 now holds our monthly meeting at Green Sea Airport and Georgetown Airport on an alternating schedule.

The meeting time is now 2:00 p.m. on the third Sunday of each month.

See our Calendar on this site for future dates.




Access is NO LONGER FREE with your EAA membership!

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