September 2006

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Meeting Minutes September 16, 2006

EAA Chapter 1167

 Click Here to listen to the meeting if you wish.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • 19 Aug 2006, $1054.53 balance, 4 Sept 2006, made a check out to Horry Electric for $ 24.29 which leaves a balance of $1029.84 in the checking account.
  • Petty cash as of 19 Aug 2006 is $178.10.
  • As per Wayne and Russell's recommendation each person that could afford to put $50 in the kiddy at this meeting. All amounts are voluntary.
  • Wayne paid $30 rent for his project.


New Business:

  • Duane said he would check into getting the tarps and hopefully have them by the next meeting.
  • Dennis has been trying to help out with the mowing by offered to bring his ZTR and/or bushhog over. Desiree' is outside mowing as we speak as you can hear.
  • Duane brought up that Don Cookman (4 digit EAA #) donated several big tools to the Chapter, drill press, radial arm saw, band saw. Dennis put a notice on the Chapter website thanking Don for his donations to our Chapter. Duane filled us in on the Mini Max project also.
  • Dennis starting putting the meeting minutes audio file on the website.
  • The EAA provided Dennis with EAA Chapter officers names for NC and SC and another list of EAA members within 100 miles of our location. Dennis is to make nice flyers and handouts on a color laser printer.
  • Gary said he would write a letter to Don Cookman in appreciation of his support to our Chapter.
  • Gary gave us a status update on the Thom project that should be done in Oct or Nov.
  • Bob brought up that we need to organize the shop a bit better now that we have more equipment.


Old business:

  • Gary said he was going to try to fix the old sink that he brought back in.
  • Gary is working on the sign for the building.
  • Gary got some stencils for the sign on the outside of the building. 
  • Jim is still working on the Ercoupe in the Chapter building.


The Fall Fly-in is 4 November.

Officers Present:
Gary Smith, President
Duane Drisko, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, Secretary

Members Present:
Charles Paton
Bob Stahlberger
Peggy Stahlberger

Walter Martens


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