October 2006

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Meeting Minutes October 21, 2006

EAA Chapter 1167

Click Here to listen to the meeting if you wish.

Treasurer's Report:

  • 16 Sept 2006, $1029.84 balance. 19 Sept 2006, transferred from petty cash $300 into the checking account. 10 Oct 2006, made a check out to Horry Electric for $ 15.78. 17 Oct 2006, made a check out for the 9th annual lease payment of $300 which leaves a balance of $1014.06 in the checking account as of 20 Oct 2006.
  • Petty cash as of 16 Sept 2006 is $178.10.
  • Kitty from the last meeting gave us $245.00.
  • 16 Sept fee paid on the mini-max was $30.
  • Donuts for this meeting was $10.35.
  • The petty cash was used for such things as the tarps which we got a good deal on. Price was $124.89 total for both of them
  • 17 Oct 2006, postage to mail out the 37 fly-in brochures was $10.53 (bought 27, 39 cent stamps, 9 stamps were mine and one is still on hand) and the mailing seals was $6.60.
  • 18 Oct 2006, put the lease money in the mail for $2.79.
  • 20 Oct 2006, cash on hand, we were in hole for $2.06.
  • Wayne paid $30 rent for his project.

New Business:


  • Members went over who would do what for cooking at the event on 4 Nov 2006.
  • Dennis volunteered to buy the software and bring his computer equipment in to make certificates for the people that fly their plane in.
  • Chuck donated one of his planes for a raffle. Dennis volunteered to make a sign for it.
  • It was requested that Russell provide a recipe for the BBQ.


  • The Chapter will now be sponsoring the S.C. Breakfast Club on 6 May at 10 a.m. each year starting in 2007.

Old business:

  • Wayne wrote a letter of thanks to Don Cookman for his donation to the Chapter.
  • Dennis used the EAA-provided information to prepare flyers to be sent to others Chapter officers in NC and SC.
  • Dennis is to send a postcard to all EAA members within 100 miles of our Chapter.
  • Dennis flyers on a color laser printer for members to distribute.
  • Gary finished the sign for the outside of the building.
  • Duane got the tarps as promised.
  • Jim is still working on the Ercoupe in the Chapter building.

The Fall Fly-in is 4 November.

Officers Present:
Jim Stoveken, Vice President
Duane Drisko, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, Secretary

Members Present:
Charles Paton
Russell Edwards
Larry Vaught
Shirley Shaw
Bob Shaw
Bob Stahlberger
Peggy Stahlberger


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