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April 15, 2006
EAA Chapter 1167

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Treasure’s Report:

1. In account: as of last month, $637.22 in bank, check on 6th of April to Horry Electric for $28.34, 7th April deposit from petty cash of $100 to bank account. Bank account now has $708.88

2. Petty Cash as of last month was $207.42. Outlays: $11.05 on donuts on 17th March. Got $30 from the kitty, $100 transferred. As of 17 March petty cash is $127.37. Spent $10.05 for donuts this morning. Petty cash is now at $116.

3. Combined funds available $835.25 plus $10.05.

Old business:

Lumberton Airshow

The Lumberton Airshow dates are May 18, 19, 20, and 21 – that’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Dennis has been made the ramrod for this event.
We will sell hotdogs with onions, ketchup, mustard, and slaw. Also chips and drinks. Dennis is to buy the initial items.
We’ll use one of the tarps and some picnic tables from Green Sea.
Dennis to make some flyers and two signs about the chapter. Hopefully the banner he ordered from EAA will be in by then.
Duane to bring two cookers and pots for the hotdogs.
We are to boil the hotdogs to make it easier on us. One pot to cook them and one to keep them warm.
Charles will bring his miniature airplanes to the airshow. The price is set at $15. He has larger planes too that are $35 each.
Still need volunteers. Volunteers so far: Dennis 4 days. Charles, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Duane and Sherrie on Saturday and Sunday unless her mother has her hip replacement at that time, Gary Thursday if needed and Saturday and Sunday.
We’ll setup on Thursday morning.


Gary said he would work on a cabinet for the bathroom sink. Dennis bought a used sink for $5 from Floyds and needs to bring it in. Duane said he would check on getting some handicap rails.

New business:

Thom tendered his resignation effective August 19th of this year. Duane volunteered to take over the treasury position. Thom said he would make a checklist for Duane on what things need to be done. Thom has been a great asset to the Chapter and will be greatly missed as Treasurer. He said he will remain as a member although he will be out of the Country September through October.

Dennis needs to get the paperwork and stuff from Robbie so he can step into the secretary position. Gary, Duane, and Dennis went to Robbie’s house after the meeting and Robbie said he would immediately get everything together, send an official resignation letter to the President, get the domain name moved to mydomain.com, and the current website copied to a DVD/CD. We hope he will remain a member of the Chapter as Wilmington is not that far away for our monthly meetings.

Jim said he wanted to bring his Ercoupe in the Chapter hangar to strip it. There were no objections. After it’s painted he plans to sell it so that he can buy a sport plane manufactured by Just Aircraft in Walhalla, SC.

Officers Present:

Gary Smith, President
Jim Stoveken, Vice President
Thomas Sullivan, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, incoming Secretary
Duane Drisko, incoming Treasurer

Members Present:

Charles Paton
Shirley Shaw
Russell Edwards
Bob Stahlberger
Peggy Stahlberger



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