Meeting Minutes Sept 19, 2009

EAA Chapter 1167 - Green Sea Meeting

Treasurer Report:

  • Bank checking account: As of Aug 15, 2009 the amount on deposit was $201.06. Aug 28th, deposited $185. Sep 11th, made another deposit of $25. Sep 11th, paid Horry Electric $41.11. On Sept 19th balance in checking is $369.95.

  • Petty cash: Aug 15th cash on hand was $4.74. The kiddy at Georgetown meeting on Aug 15th produced $70.00. The kiddy at Green Sea airport produced another $40. Aug 28th, we received a donation from Will Dovel for $75 with a pledge to make it an even hundred in a week which he did. Sept 19th, $4.74 remains in petty cash.

New Business:

Old Business:


Officers Present:
Gary Smith, President
Duane Drisko, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, Secretary
Members and Visitors Present:
Jim Stoveken
Jack Tarner
Bill Utt
George Moncrieff