Meeting Minutes Oct 15, 2011

EAA Chapter 1167

Treasurer Report:

  • Checking: 17 Sep balance was $389.57. On 6 Oct deposited $125. As of 15 Oct, balance is $514.57.
  • Petty Cash: 17 Sep balance was $109.00. On 6 Oct transferred to checking $105 plus $20 donation. As 15 Oct, balance is $34.00.

New Business:

Old Business:

Officers Present:

Bill Utt, President
Duane Drisko, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, Secretary/Webmaster

Members and Visitors Present:

Bob and Peggy Stahlberger
Larry Vaught
Gary Smith
Sue Utt

Carl Knuth
Sherry Drisko
Marvin Cannon
Allan Rogers (guest)