Meeting Minutes Nov 17, 2012

EAA Chapter 1167

Treasurer Report:

  • Checking: 20 October balance was $1319.60. 17 November balance is $1484.89.

  • Gene Baker has been paid for the 2011 BBQ, $428.71, and the invoice has been received for the 2012 BBQ, 409.87. The chapter also owes Doug Floyd for the fly-in drinks

  • This year's fly-in brought $554 to the chapter and received dues from two members, $20ea.

  • Petty Cash: No change from last month: 20 October balance was $39.18. 17 November cash on hand is $39.18.

New Business:

Meeting adjourned.

Officers Present:

Sarah Floyd, President

Wayne Robinson, Vice President

Duane Drisko, Treasurer

Jesse Hyman, Secretary

Dennis Scott, Webmaster

Members and Visitors Present:

Claude Dey
Robert Stahlberger

Peggy Stahlberger
Doug Floyd

Carl Knuth

Greg Hiller

Dan Drost
Larry Vaught

Andrew Vaught
om Benenson

Collin Phipps