Meeting Minutes June 21, 2008

EAA Chapter 1167

Treasurer's Report:

·         Bank checking account: As of May 17th, 2008, checking account balance was $132.57.  On June 10th, we paid Horry Electric $54.88. On May 28th, we deposited $500 from the Lumberton airshow and the SC Breakfast Fly-in. As of June 21st, the balance in the checking account is $577.69.

·         Petty cash: May 17th, 2008, petty cash on hand was $418.  On May 17th, we bought LP gas for the grill at Lumberton $16.50. On the same day, we paid $30.82 for ice and clean-up materials. See below for the Lumberton fly-in figures.  Balance in Petty Cash as of June 21st is $14.35.  We also have six 41 cent postal stamps.

·         Lumberton breakdown: $143.67 gross sales. Expenses were: soda and water: $38.09; brats $30.25; hotdogs, burgers, buns: $62.53; fixings: $2.97. Those expenses came to $133.84 which was donated by Wayne and Jean Robinson. The Chapter only paid for the gas and ice, $47.32.

New Business:

·         Leak on roof.  Dennis to donate 5 gallons of roof sealant.

Old Business:


·         Duane is going to cut the grass for Bud and Shirley for a couple months.

·         Russell had bypass surgery March 4th.

Officers Present:

Gary Smith, President
Duane Drisko, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, Secretary

Members and Visitors Present:

Jim Stoveken
Larry Vaught
Russell Edwards
Bill Utt
Bob and Peggy Stahlberger
Jerry Shaw