Meeting Minutes Feb 20, 2010

EAA Chapter 1167 - Green Sea Meeting

Treasurer Report: (Dec and Jan)

  • Bank checking account: As of Jan 15, 2010 the amount on deposit was $191.44. On Jan 15, 2010, deposited member dues of $60. Feb 5, deposited $151.40 from soda fund cup. Feb 11 paid Horry Electric $70.12. Feb 20, balance in checking is $332.72.

  • Petty cash: Jan 15, cash on hand was $.32. Jan meeting produced $21.35. As of Feb 20 we now have $21.67 in petty cash.

New Business:

Old Business:

Officers Present:
Duane Drisko, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, Secretary/Webmaster
Members and Visitors Present:
Jim Stoveken
Corey Thomas
Bob and Peggy Stahlberger
Dan Drost
Chuck Paton
John and Marcia Matthews
Ron Heidebrink
Frank Passo (bldg'ing CH801)
David Kopanski