Meeting Minutes April 16, 2011

EAA Chapter 1167

Treasurer Report:
  • Checking: 19 Mar balance was $23.45. 22 Mar deposited $165 from meeting kitty and 3 members dues of $60. 13 Apr deposited $451 Falcon refund. 14 Apr paid Horry Electric $31.42. 14 Apr Office Depot picked up office supplies for $16.19 and picked up safety vests from Harbor Freight $30.20. 16 Apr balance in checking was $621.65.
  • Petty Cash: 19 Mar balance on hand was $5. 22 Mar transferred to checking $165 from kitty to checking. 16 Apr cash on hand is $5.

New Business:

Old Business:

Officers Present:

Bill Utt, President
Wayne Robinson, Vice President
Dennis Scott, Secretary/Webmaster
Duane Drisko, Treasurer

Members and Visitors Present:

Sue Utt
Bob and Peggy Stahlberger
Ron Heidebrink
Larry Vaught
Gary Smith

Jim and Ruthie Stoveken
Doug Floyd and several Eagle Scout members visited
Sherry Drisko
David Johnson and Guest