Meeting Minutes January 19, 2019

EAA Chapter 1167

Treasurer Report: Checking Balance $4231.29

Old Business:

New Business:

Main Discussion / Tech Talk:

We also discussed the ADS-B out wingtip option from SkyBeadon as well as some other low cost (relatively speaking) solutions. Lots of discussion about what is required and the sign-off / testing requirements for approved use.

Officers present:

Members / Guests present:

Larry Howell, President

Ron Heidebrink, Vise President

Duane Drisko, Treasurer

Jesse Hyman, Secretary

Dennis Scott, Webmaster

Al Beck

Doug Floyd

Doug Cassel

Andrew Vaught

Larry Vaught

Doug Euing

Carl Knuth

Warren Sutton

Cliff Sielitzsky

Ted Richardson

Clair Richardson