Meeting Minutes August 19, 2017

EAA Chapter 1167

Treasurer Report: Checking $

Old Business: 

1. The same paperwork will still be used. (form where parent signs approval, and pilot certifies that he meets the YE flight criteria (insurance, currency to fly passengers, medical ok, and EAA YPT done on line and cleared).

2. Background checks may be done without SSAN, but even if given the SSAN is deleted from all EAA digital records after the criminal record check is done.

3. Supervision requirements are still for at least two adults with EAA YPT approval working on the ground for Young Eagle program.

New Business:

Main Discussion / Tech Talk:

Officers Present:

Doug Floyd, President

Larry Howell, Vise-President

Duane Drisko, Treasurer

Dennis Scott, Webmaster

Members and Visitors Present:

Carl Knuth

Jim Murphy

Al Beck

Jim Kelly

Jack Singlevich

Dennis Scott

Warren Sutton

Ron Heidebrink

Al Beck