Meeting Minutes March, 2007

EAA Chapter 1167

Treasurer's Report:

New Business:

·         Duane said he can get the Shaw’s cell phone number to call them for more information about the Breakfast Club fly-in like numbers of people to be expected, etc.

·         The menu and plans for the Breakfast Club fly-in need to finalized but the current menu is: orange juice, coffee, soft drinks, scrambled eggs, sausage bacon, and grits.

·         Duane said he would bring some filter cloth in for marking different areas of the airfield.

Old business:


·         Lawn mower purchase is on hold until we figure out what we need and want.

Officers Present:

Wayne Robinson, Vice President
Duane Drisko, Treasurer
Dennis Scott, Secretary

Members Present:

Larry Vaught
Sherrie Drisko
Bob Stahlberger
Peggy Stahlberger
Charles Paton
Jim Stoveken
Thomas Sullivan
Bill and Sue Utt