Meeting Minutes

Meeting Feb 19, 2005
There were 13 members and 1 guest present.

We discussed the details of taking Austin & Marjanne out for a "going away" dinner. Thom Sullivan mentioned that they would almost definitely be here until Memorial Day due to the Celerity not being finished yet. The chapter decided to have the dinner at Ryan's in Conway on the 3rd Saturday in March in lieu of our regularly scheduled meeting. Food will be Dutch treat for members, guests & spouses with the chapter picking up the tab for Austin, Marjanne & Don Rudyk [ed. note: I assume].

Thom is confirming with Austin & Marjanne and will notify Secretary Walker who will disseminate any final details to the chapter members.

Russell Edwards asked about a gift for A&M. Wayne Robinson suggested we get plaques made. Chuck (Paton?) moved that we get 2 plaques, one for A&M and one for Don Rudyk in light of their contributions. Chapter approved unanimously.

Treasurer Thom Sullivan gave a treasurer’s report. Short version: we have a hair over $800 with nothing significant needing to be spent until November. Full treasurer’s report will be delivered shortly. Treasurers report was accepted unanimously.

Shirley Shaw is going to confirm that we will be hosting the SC Breakfast Club on Father's Day in '06.

Shirley Shaw has checked with the Short Wing Pipers club and they will be having their May meeting at the Lumberton Air Show on May 14. They would like to have their November meeting at our Fall Fly-In. We need to notify them as soon as we have confirmed the date.

President Smith suggested that anyone from the chapter interested in attending the Lumberton Air Show go together as a group. Secretary Walker will send out the details for anyone interested as it gets closer to May.

Duane Drisko updated us that the yard sale specialist is definitely interested in taking our yard sale property but won’t want to take it until May. Duane is going to try and convince her to get it in April so we can move the building.

President Smith has a certificate for a copy of Kitlog Pro. If several members are interested, we’ll hold a raffle otherwise it will go to whoever wants it.

We discussed the fact that several members have been approached by potential new members. We’d like to find a way to get these potentials to become members and participate.

Respectfully submitted,

Robbie Walker, Secretary