Meeting Minutes

Meeting Jan 15, 2005
There were 14 members and 2 guests present.

We had 2 visitors this month, Brent Perry & Mike Reynolds. Brent owns a Warrior and is interested in building a Sonex. Mike is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Both expressed interest in joining.

The chapter discussed the details of taking out Austin & Marjanne for a "going away" dinner.

Shirley Shaw gave us a report on the SC Breakfast club arrangements. The chapter has asked her to arrange for the SC Breakfast club to meet here at the end of June.

Duane Drisko made the suggestion that we have a specialist dispose of the yard sale property for us. The chapter agreed.

The rest of the meeting evolved into a general discussion where we talked with our guests about the various projects.

Wayne Robinson has run into an issue with his P-51 ultralight design. He's experiencing failure with the expoxy and is researching options.

Respectfully submitted by Robbie Walker, Secretary. Notify me immediately with any questions, comments, gripes, changes or observations!