Meeting Minutes

Meeting Dec 18, 2004
Members Present:

Russell Edwards, Charles Paton,
Wayne Robinson, Shirley Shaw,
Gary Smith, Ron Smith,
Bob & Peg Stahlberger,
Thom Sullivan, Larry Vaught,
Robbie Walker

Secretary Walker was 10 minutes late. Treasurer Sullivan read the minutes from the previous meeting. Minutes were accepted without comment. It was remarked that the Spring Fly-In would be held on May 21 (which is the same weekend as the Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Rally)

The club discussed inviting the Short Wing Piper Club to the fly-in to coincide with their meeting. Shirley Shaw will act as a committee of one to contact the SWPC for this purpose.

Russell Edwards inquired about the Spring social. It was decided to have it at the April meeting. The club discussed what to eat and it was decided that we would have hot dogs and covered dish.

Shirley Shaw inquired about hosting the SC Breakfast club for '05. We didn't host them this year because they were already booked for the year. Secretary Walker will send Shirley a reminder.

President Smith discussed having a friend of his who is an experienced homebuilder in another chapter as a guest speaker. He will try to have him come down and speak. Given our lack of speakers we will accomodate him any time he's available.

President Smith suggested visiting another chapter for ideas specifically related to membership. Treasurer Sullivan remarked that it had already been done and that most chapters are in the same boat we are.

General discussion ensued regarding recruiting new members. The problems with bringing in young people were discussed. It was decided to contact the EAA for an updated list of national members to contact to see if they would be interested in joining.Secretary Walker commented that an increase in actual projects would possibly help with attracting interested persons.

General discussion then ensued about some of the issues with power and water for the club building. Freezing is a particular problem so we have to be careful to prevent pipe freeze.

Treasurer Sullivan gave an update on Austin Underbakke's situation with regards to both his celerity project and his health insurance issues leading to his impending return to Canada. The club was reminded that Austin would be taking the Canadian Mist model (on loan for the building) with him when he returns to great white north. It was generally remarked that Austin & Marjanne would be greatly missed and it was a real shame their options were so limited.

Respectfully submitted by Robbie Walker, Secretary. Notify me immediately with any questions, comments, gripes, changes or observations!